I'm actually like very petite. I only weigh a hundred pounds. I'm 4'10" and I lack a lot when it comes to the back end of things to put you know I've not been blessed with the biggest badonkadonk in the world .

Today's tips is all about how you if you're like me can at least create the illusion that you have a big butt.  You know I'm not really down for spending thousands of dollars for butt lift, and then one of my butt sides be lopsided like one be bigger than the other one .My butt would be like this when I walk so yeah I'm just gonna stop talking because I always do this I always go off into a million different tangents. Ok let's just get into the real topic of discussion.  So tip number one is to wear leggings. Leggings are tight yes. J-Lo who? They hug your cutopicrves and they also don't have a pocket so there's nothing to hide. Your butt... it's just out there is out there in the open for everyone to see they show the true size of your badonkadonk leggings just let it all out.

Tip number two is to wear jeans with small pockets so say that these are pockets if you put these on your butt it's like they just..... they kind of just like swallow up your booty cheeks it's like people see your pockets instead of seeing your butt. Small pockets they just like sit pretty on your booty so that way like you have pockets but they are not like you know hiding your whole entire butt if that makes any sense at all.

So the third tip is to wear light jeans vs dark jeans dark jeans. It's like a black hole they hide yo but you just faded into the darkness when you wear light jeans it's like and then there was light and your butt can be seen dark jeans hide your butt light jeans light you butt the fourth tip is to wear high-waist jeans it actually gives the illusion of a smaller waist of course smaller waist equals larger behind small waist big behind small waist big behind it gives you like know whatever that means I don't understand why are you so big today you came out to play girl let's play the next tip is solid colors you don't want to be wearing like all these printed bottoms because then your butt just get lost in all that sauce. Solid colors allow your booty to be seen. People are not focusing on the print solid colors makes for more voluptuous looking booty.

Basically the next tip is no mom jeans. Say it again no mom jeans. Again no mom jeans again no mom jeans. alright I'm done like I know mom jeans are super on trend at the moment if you want a day or two where you want to just like flatty patty then go ahead and wear them but if you want to look real bootylicious for your man then don't be walking up in in the place with mom. He is not looking at your booty in some mom jeans he's gonna be like bae where'd your butt go the shape of mom jeans is just like flat your butt just gets lost in the shape of them you ain't gonna be able to find it. The next tip is butt pads I've not experimented with buttheads yet butt pads just do exactly what it says it pads your booty.  It just this is your butt this is your but with butt pads try butt pads and if not you know maybe other alternatives an alternative for butt pads I need more big guns come through Kim K with the butt cheeks though what what. Yes the next tip is to cinch your waist line when you're wearing like a dress or a long shirt or just something that has a shape of like a pillow case then you need to cinch your waist like a belt something that gives your waist a little bit of shape so that you can actually see your butt. Now you see me now you don't. Now you see me where'd you go butt butt.  The next tip is to wear heels so you know you your feet propped up which means your legs are propped up which means your booties gonna be propped up too. My feet elevated my legs elevated my booty elevated what you're a little bit more posture-ized when you wear heels it just allows for more like.....In the butt you know yeah right. T

The next tip is to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates. Carbs translate fat. Eat carby be foods like bread and just pray that it goes to the booty and not to the stomach right .Make sure butt big so eat more bread .

The last is to do squats.  Squats is an exercise that really makes you flex your butt muscles maybe like 10 to like a hundred squats a day will make your butt bigger because that is an exercise that actually makes you flex your butt muscles .Your butt muscles will get stronger and be more prevalent .Those are my tips for making your butt look bigger .Making your butt look more voluptuous and just making people think that like dang girl you got that Beyonce butt that J.Lo but that Kim K but your butt don't look too big for your legs.

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