Nightclub Review : Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club

Nightclub Review : Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club

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Last week, our team partied in Ibiza, Spain. We visit Ibiza often and write blog write up on all our clubbing experiences in the clubbing diaries section of the blog.
This time, we choose a beach club and wore our latest line of bikini collection. The beach club we visited was Ushuaia Ibiza beach club. It is our personal favorite for many reasons.
The club is located in Playa d`en Bossa. It was a last minute trip and were thankful to get a ticket (EUR 50) as they tend to sell out fast.
The club is an open air concept with a large dancefloor. Actually, you can dance anywhere within the venue. Thats the beauty of it.
The location of this club is just fantastic. Atmosphere is world class and the service is absolutely magical.
Its our 5th visit to this club and we have seen gigs from David Guetta, Tinnie Tempah, Ants, Kygo, DJ EZ, Martin Garrix and Swedish House Mafia. Loved the music to bits.
We were so pleased to meet meet of our clients there, clad with our latest pool party collection. The sound system is insanely amazing and so are the stage lights.
They must have invested a lot on the technology.

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Drinks are pricey though but you could expect that in Ibiza.Beer cost EUR 14 and mixers range from EUR 18-25. We love the cocktails though. The club tends to get busy after 8pm
but we usually go early to get a good place near the stage and of course to absorb the full atmosphere. Before 8pm only part of the pool is opened.
After 8pm, the big stage pool area is opened. The main event DJ makes an enterance at 9.30pm. No main stream music is played however. So dont expect
EMINEM , Dr Dre, Taylor Swift etc. It gets super packed after 8pm. The queue to get drinks is lethargic. Expect to wait 30 minutes at least. We usually take turns to queue. Do check out the sky bar as well. Its one of the key
highlights and something we always do. Ietn summary, if you are travelling to Ibiza, this beach club will not let you down. We will be returning.