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Clubbing Diaries | Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

Clubbing Diary 8 July 2018
Nightclub Outing 8 July 2018 : Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub.

This weekend, Vanessa, Maya and myself (Sheri) decided to visit Hakkasan Las Vegas (again!). We flew in from LAX and landed in LV in the early afternoon. Delta Flight had a great promo price and we went with that. 
We booked a room at MGM Grand so that we could just crawl back after the party instead of having to take a taxi. Booked the West Wing King room.
Kaskade is scheduled to perform. Kaskade, is an American DJ, record producer and remixer. Along with producers deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, Kaskade became popular during the revival of American progressive house in late 2008–early 2009
We have not seen Kaskade performed so this will be the first experience.
I read various reviews about him on the net and they are mostly good. I personally bought his record which is called "Automatic" on I-tunes and heard it on the plane during the flight.
Some of the song does sound pretty impressive especially "We dont stop" and "Mercy". Looking forward to the live event and hopefully he plays these 2 songs.
The thing about Hakkasan is that only the best of the best are selected as House Resident. If you are playing at Hakkasan, then you are the Man. As in D-Man.
The bar is set very high though. I personally know some big names and they would break a fist just to get a chance t play at Hakkasan. So Kaskade must be very very good.
Reached the hotel a 3pm. Decided to rest as tonight would be crazy. Thus, we need our batteries fully charged.
The plan is to walk from the room to the second floor at around 11pm
Hakkasan is located directly above the restaurant. We have not tried out their restaurant yet.Appranetly there are rave reviews about it as well. No surprises there.
Saving it for another day. Walking into the lounge is an experience by itself. It was crowded, filled with mid thirties crowd.
The lounge is well decorated with nice blue themed lighting. Its Hakkasan`s signature color. We walked around the lounge for a few minutes just to absorb the ambiance.
There is an outdoor garden bar. Well, that ones not for today though. Spoke to some people at the lounge. You could feel the positive energy
generated. Everyone's excited. Entered the dance floor area at 10pm. Oh matter how many times you visit Hakkasan, each time gives you
a different type of vibe. A positive one. The "HK" symbol at the top gives your brain signals a hard confirmation. Yes, you are at Hakkasan Las Vegas baby !
Super impressive deco and furnishing. We decided to order the drinks. Started off slow with , yup you guessed it , Hakkatini. Drinks are definitely pricey. Hey not gonna kid you, we allocated 1k just for tonight. Hakkatini is a cocktail
made with Grey Goose L’Orange vodka, Grand Marnier, peach, Aperol, lemon and green apple. Kaskade`s music was full on. The live performance is really really good.
I will definately buy all his albums when I get home. The lighting on the dance floor is state of the art. Legendary lighting effects that amplifies the tone.
We hit the dancefloor for 2 whole hours straight before recharging with another drink. This time its a drink called Brazilian Berry. That is a mix of Avua Prata Cachaca, Aperlo, lime, strawberry, watermelon, lemon verbena syrup and fennel.
This taste better than the previous one. Had 2 of those back to back. By 11.30pm the whole club is on fire. There are somem familiar celebrities on site. Great atmosphere.
The service staff is super friendly and we had a couple of selfies with them.

Its always nice to bump into some of our clients in a club. Spend sometime chatting up and even rocked the dancefloor with them. It was great, especially to the tune of Kaskade`s magic. Overall our experience at Hakkasan Las Vegas Night Club has been really amazing. The atmosphere was first class. Drinks, although pricey but worth it. The crowd is magnificent. Music was above average. We will definitely be back Protection Status