Gifts for women in their 30s. A birthday gift research for my wife.

Gifts for women in their 30s. A birthday gift research for my wife.

Gifts for women in their 30s

My wife is turning 30. I have done some extensive research on gift ideas for her upcoming birthday. I want it to be magical. The gift should not only be memorable but everlasting. At the end of the day , 50 years down the road, I want her to immediately recall the gift that I got her for the 30th birthday. It should have that sort of impact. Well firstly, Im not so sure if her preferences really changed as compared as to when she was in her 20's. However I need this to be special so I had decided to spend time doing some research. 

The general consensus is that the priorities and interest tend to shift over a certain bad gap. Looking at myself for instance, I used to love buying football jerseys with the name of the player at the back of the shirt in my 20's. Now, in my mid-thirties, I dont fancy them. I do like still like them though, but just not as keen as had been, a decade prior.  

I began my research on what would be the best gifts for women in their 30s using the following strategy :

1. Observing on TV

  • So what would be the most amazing gift for women in their 30s? I would need some ideas. To get some inspiration I decided to watch a TV series on Netflix. I payed attention to actresses in their 30's. What do they wear? One whole season of Money Heist did not help inspire any ideas

2. Consulted google by searching Gifts for women in their 30s

  • Found some interesting trends. Noticed that personalised jewelry seem to be the in-thing right now. Name necklace, name bracelet, name anklets. My wife has previously expressed interest in customized products. Now, these personalised jewelry could be something interesting.

3.  People watching

  • Ordered an Americano at a local coffee shop and began people watching to observe some trends. Did you know that "people watching" is actually a thing in Paris? 

4. Asked friends

  • Brain stormed some ideas with my close pals over beers. We wrote down some ideas on a paper tissue which was served with chicken wings. I brought home the paper and translated it into a mind map. 

Firstly lets have a look on what I have gifted her as birthday presents in her 20's

In her 20's

Well I can not remember all of them but here's a few that I do recall

  • A gold watch (she absolutely adores it and wears in until today)
  • An Iphone (she loved. Not sure what happened to it now though)
  • An Ipad (same as above , though I do remember sending it for repairs at some stage)
  • A Louis Vuitton handbag (she used it for one year only. I asked why? She said a new design just came out and therefore the model seem to be outdated). Wait a minute? What? Is that even a thing? 

 Learning from those gifts, I now have come to the following conclusion

  • I do not want to get something branded. Else it would end up like the Louis Vuitton fiasco
  • I do not want to get an electric gadget as it would be obsolete in a few years just like the iphone and ipad 
  • A watch is good. She will use it daily and will always remember the gift. However I had already got her one and its pointless getting another one


My wife has previously expressed interest in customized products. Now, the mind map derived from the discussions with friends show that personalised jewelry could be something interesting. It would fulfill the criteria derived from the conclusion which I made. 

 After  few hours , the shortlist read as follows :




The moon lamp looks stellar. I could upload our wedding picture and it will be engraved in the lamp. I could even write a personalised message. She could place it at the bedside. An absolutely cracking idea. 

The photo heart shaped necklace also look fantastic. I could upload our wedding picture and she could wear it as a pendant. 

Lastly, the name necklace. Its in gold. It will look stunning around her neck.

So many nice options. So little time to decide. 

Well I guess since my research is for Gifts for women in their 30s, I will gift her one of these items every year. 

So eventually I got her the moon lamp and she's absolutely delighted. Personalised gifts are the way to go for women in their 30s. I could see why these type of gifts are very popular these days. 

Check out the 3D Moon Lamp :

Summary and Conclusion 

In summary, there is not best Gifts for women in their 30s. Its all about gut feeling. You know the person best.  As for me, I knew my wife was developing a significant interest in personalised jewelry. So I capitalized on that at the right time. She loved the moon lamp