Personalised photo gifts for your loved ones

Personalised photo gifts for your loved ones

Personalised photo gifts for your loved ones : A Clubbing Love Masterclass Series

What custom photo gift?

It is any type of gift which is personalised for the individual. It is memorable, one that  the receiver would cherish forever. The reason why this unique idea resonates well is because the item is intertwined with feelings and emotion. Allow me to explain further. Lets say you are looking for a birthday gift for your grandfather. You are one of the very few people in the world who knows he an ardent Chicago Bears fan. What else would mean more to him, than receiving a gift of a orange and black  (Chicago Bears colors) coffee mug which has portrait photo printed on the center? 

I recall a breezy day one September in Barcelona when my good friend Clemente Konse proposed to his girlfriend Slyvia Vox with a photo ring. Well, it may seem rather odd at that time but the trend is catching on. Everyone can relate to something personalised.

The photo can be printed on a huge range of memorabilia. At the end of the day there is no limit to the range of items the photo could be printed on. Before exploring this avenue, lets discuss the reasons on why to  even go with the idea.

Why personalised?

No words could describe a connection with your loved one on a body, spirit and mind level. We, as humans are all blessed to have a spiritual connection with family and friends that is too beautiful to describe.

We often spend countless hours on the internet, looking for gift ideas to wow your children, wife, parents grandparents and friends. However, deep down it always feels as though something is missing. The gift could cost a thousand dollars not the feeling of fulfillment just isn't there. I have been in the same position many times. A gift shop sells products that are catered for the masses. One design, one concept. It is not tailor made of the person who will eventually own it. There is no connection to that person, in any way , shape or form. 

Welcome to the Multiverse of Custom Gifts 

You have heard it all before. Monogram keychains, exploding photobox, photo candles, custom moon lamps,photo wallet,photo roll keychain,picture pendant and the list goes on and on. It seems that there is a multiverse of items in this arena that it is so easy to get lost within the dimension. However, fear not. By the end of this masterclass, you would become an expert in all things photo gifts. 

How to make personalised photo album?

In this example, lets discuss creating a personalised gifts photo album. All you need is a photo of the person and the item which he/she holds dear to the heart. In this example, lets assume your grandfather loves photography. He uses DSLR camera and develops films traditionally. Great, so now all we need is a sketch book and some photos of you and your granddad. It does not have to be a photo album. A white A4 sized sketch book would be ideal. The idea is to personalise the sketch book with writing and drawings along with some great pictures. Yes it has no brand, does not cost a lot of money and may not be . But guess what? The photobook will be on the top of your grandfather's' TV cabinet forever. He looks at it everyday, along with others who visits him. A proud granddad eh? In contrast, if you has given him a two thousand dollars smartphone. Where would it end up after 5 years? 

Click here to follow the step by step tutorial to make your own diy photo album

We have also included a video explainer on how to make a diy photo book

How to make a DIY picture pendant

A picture pendant is one of the most popular diy gifts. All it requires is a photo and necklace of your choice. You do not need to possess mad design skills. This jewelry could be worn around the neck or simply as a display ornament. 

Click here to follow the step by step tutorial to make your own diy picture pendant

The video below teaches how to make a pendant with your picture

Making an exploding photo gift box

Another creative idea is to create a collage of photos and package them into an amazing box which explodes once open. Kid you not. Watch the video below to get an idea. This is an amazing idea as a birthday present

Making a photo wheel

Have you been to an amusement park? More specifically, have you ridden on a Ferris Wheel? Or sometimes its called the Chicago Wheel. The next idea is based upon the concept of spinning around a wheel. Each cabin in the Ferris wheel will contain one picture. So you will have multiple cabins in your miniature Ferris wheel. This one is simple to create. All you need is a cardboard and 10 minutes of your time. This makes a great gift for your parents, family or spouse. 

This vide explains the whole process, from start to finish


Pros and Cons of gifting a personalised photo gift


  • Personalised
  • Cherished by loved ones
  • Everlasting
  • Memorable
  • Fashionable
  • Strikes a chord with the receiver
  • Highly affordable


  • Time consuming to create the gift
  • Requires design experience


Based on the pros and cons, it is clear that these type of memorabilia is highly favourable. On the downside, it takes time to design, purchase relevant materials and create the gift. Thankfully, we will recommend custom gifts that are done for you, thus saving lots of time. All you need is to send in a photo. 

Before deciding if you want to travel down this road in your gifting though process, here are 2 critical answers that needs to be checked off :

1. Do you know what is your recipients deepest passion?

2. Does he/she like photos?

If you know what holds dearly to the receiver and if the answer is a strong "yes" for question 2, then walla, this is your way to go


Ideas for a personalised picture presents

  • Personalised key chain
  • Custom pendant
  • Moon lamp with photo
  • Personalised photo wallet
  • Custom t-shirt with photo
  • Photo watch
  • Coffee mug with photo
  • Photo locket
  • Exploding photo box
  • Photo wheel
  • Picture pendant necklace
  • Camera roll keychain

More ideas can be found here 

Who should I get cool custom photo gifts for?

This gift idea works well for all your loved ones :

  • Getting personal photo gifts for Children
    • You would be surprised to lean how much children connects to these type of gifts. It resembles the first time they see a video footage of themselves on TV. I recently got my 6 year old daughter a photo necklace heart shaped pendant and she absolutely adores it

  • Parents
    • They would absolutely adore anything from you. Here, all you need to do is to identify something that they are really passionate about
  • Grandparents

  • Spouse
    • Definitely a moon lamp with photo. When soldiers who are serving abroad returns home, the personalized moon lamp is always up there in the ranks

    • Friends
    • Relatives

     Discover the universe of custom photo gifts here 

    Which occasion is perfect for custom photo gift?

    As it resonates with every loved ones, it makes a great present for all types of events such as :

    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Christmas 
    • Festivities
    • Graduation
    • Baby Shower
    • Dates
    • Farewell parties
    • Anniversaries 

    Did I just mention dates? Yes that's right. Imagine gifting a Crystal heart with monogram photo on your first date. That would be a date to be etched in the memory for eternity. Not to mention how that would come across in her/his instagram post. In summary, a photo gift is perfect for any occasion. It just works and works with wonders indeed