What is the best condolence message to send by Whatsapp

What is the best condolence message to send by Whatsapp

What is the best condolence message to send by Whatsapp

If you received a shock message in whatsapp group or a personal SMS regarding a loss of someone, how do you reply? What if you only saw the message after a few hours? We have a wide range of condolence quotes that can be copied over to whatsapp. You could personalise it accordingly and also combine the sentences. These are quotes designed as short informal messages to be sent by phone. 

How do you write a short condolence message to a friend?

Be straight to the point. Be respectful. Be kind

Sample of short condolence message. Condolence message to a friend :

  • Though I know its difficult to process anything at this moment, please know that nothing every dies.
  • Memories never die. So grateful for the time we spent together. Be strong. Im with you
  • I am really speechless. I hope you are ok. Call me when you need me
  • Just saw the text message. So shocked. Please take care
  • OMG ! No ! This must be a very difficult time for you. Hold on tight to the memories you had. Its eternal. 
  • Saddened by your loss. Our energies are in sync with you in during this heartbreaking time
  • Very sorry.Remember, Im always here for you
  • Truely sorry to hear the news. You are very close in my spirit.
  • RIP. Take care my friend
  • We lost a wonderful person today. He/she will always be remembered
  • Be strong my friend. Im always here for you
  • Gone but never will be forgotten. Ever!
  • Its so hard to say goodbye. In loving memory
  • We were all blessed to share a life with him/her. May his/her soul rest in peace
  • Bro, I dont know what to say. So very sorry. RIP
  • My heart is aching for your loss
  • Please know that I am here for you whenever you need me
  • May you have the strength during this difficult time. Take care my friend
  • It is always hard at a time like this but just know that I am there for you
  • I will always cherish the fun moments we had together. May his/her soul rest in peace
  • Shocked and saddened. The world has lost a great person today
  • The memories we shared will always be close to my heart
  • I know it is difficult to digest many things at this point of time but I really want you to know that I/we are here for you anytime
  • Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything. Take care
  • We have lost one of the finest. Truly sad. May his/her soul rest in peace
  • So blessed to be graced with his/her friendship throughout the years.May his/her soul rest in peace
  • You will never walk alone. Im with you every step of the way
  • We laugh together and we cry together. Today is the day we mourn for our dearest friend

How do you write a short condolence message for loss of father or mother?

  • I pray that in the midst of this dark time, you would be able to trigger the wonderful memories shared
  • Cannot express how I feel. My heart is always with you
  • I wish I was there with you now. Always here when you need me
  • Be brave in this trying times. You can always count on me for anything at all
  • Im so heartbroken. Take care
  • Our hearts are with you
  • My heart sank when I heard about it. So sorry for your loss. 
  • Truely sorry to hear this news. Seek comfort in knowing he/she is in a better place now
  • So sad to hear the news. Take care my friend
  • It pains me to hear this news. Sorry for your loss
  • I pray that you are given the strength to go through these trying times
  • I am always there when you need me. Don't hesitate to call
  • Call me anytime for anything at all. I am praying for you
  • I wish I was there right now with you. Hope you are keeping up ok.

How to say thank you for condolence messages

Now that you have received condolence messages by whatsapp, how do you respond to them? Here are some examples :

  • Thanks guys. I really appreciate it
  •  I am doing well peeps. Thanks. Means a lot to me
  • You guys mean the world to me. Very thankful
  • I am filled with gratitude. Thank you so much
  • I am so blessed for having you
  • With gratitude. Thank you
  • It would have been so much harder without your support. Thank you so much

What not to do in sending a condolence message by Whatsapp

  • Do not forward a condolence message from someone else to the receiver. The word "forwarded" will be displayed on top of your message
  • Do not use emojis
  • Do not use all Capital letters
  • Do not use gif images
  • If this is a whatsapp group chat, do not send anything else such as forwarded jokes for a few days
  • Do not use quotes from a Hollywood movie

What you should do when you read a condolence message on Whatsapp

  • Respond quickly. You don't need to send a grammatically right message. Just say what you need to say but be quick because the sender knows you have read the message
  • Don't forward the message to others if you have not responded yet
  • Click on the message which the sender wrote and hit reply to that specific message. Don't click reply on other senders who sent the condolence message before you do

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