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Club Dresses in USA

Club Dresses in USA

"Lets go Clubbing" screams your Bae. Definitely an exciting idea you think. Well apart from that thought, what else runs through your mind? What do I wear? Then you start googling. You then find a bunch of online stores that sells all kinds of clothes and then one section, you find a category called party dresses or club dresses.

Now you think, wait a minute.... These dresses doesnt look like what anyone would wear in a nightclub. Well you are so right. Those stores are forced to categorize dresses based on specification. So an admin of the website goes through the whole collection and then tag the dresses accordingly. This is how the process goes. Vicky from Admin thinks " Hey this looks like a swimsuit, now I shall tag this dress as swimsuit. Now hey, this looks like a club dress. Click click, there you go, a dress is now tagged as a club dress. When you surf the website, you would then see a dress simply added into a club dress collection. 

Now now, we have all heard those horror stories before. As an avid clubber myself  ,I said enough of that. At Clubbing Love, we design, manufacture and sell Club Dresses, period. We know party, we live party and we enable party people to ..... AB-SO-LUTELY blow their next party away with adrenaline rushing, dopamine stimulating club dresses. Dresses designed by party people for party people Protection Status