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Vegas When You're Under 21

Vegas When You're Under 21

By Alivia

I'm in Vegas right now I'm in my room of my vacation home so let's talk about Vegas.So for those of you who don't know I am only 19 And a half .

But Alivia, if you're under 21 what could you possibly do in Vegas. Well, person with an odd voice I'm here to tell you I'm also here to give advice to all those other people who aren't under 21. So I was going to film this on the strip But it's, it's hot. It's like 106 I also don't have anyone to take my camera and film with me and I don't wanna get jumped by taking a camera by myself out. So here we are. I'm going to show you pictures of things So... that's fun Let's start with free things because everybody loves free things There are... the Bellagio fountains The Mirage volcanoes And the Circus Circus clown show Free things, but not really shops because window shopping is a big thing in Vegas My favorite shops are...

The Venetian because it looks like you're in Venice without the underlying fear of slipping into the ocean. The forum shops in Caesar's Palace are great because you can pretend you're richer than you are and the escalators in there are also really cool because they go like this.. And I'm very easily entertained. There's the M&M's Shop which has a free show it's very directed towards children and was made in the 90's There's also a Coca-Cola store so if you wanna get your American on. Also, of course pools If you are staying in a hotel you have a pool. Use it. Especially in Summer because, again it's like 106 outside right now Now maybe you have money to spend so here's some non-free things of course basically every single resort on the strip has it's own Cirque Du Soleil show At the end of the strip is Mandalay Bay and they have their shark reef aquarium for $18 you can go see sharks any time you want If you're more of a timid person and like dolphins and tigers At Mirage it is $20 to go see their dolphins and the siegfried and roy snow tigers Now when you enter Vegas there's a giant ferris wheel called the High Roller right behind the Linq and it is $27 during the day and $37 at night However, the Paris Eiffel tower is $14 during the day and $19 at night If you're more of an arcade person there's a pretty great arcade in New York New York It's up by where the roller coaster is! Maybe you just like museum type things Well at the Luxor has a body exhibit and a Titanic exhibit I have done the bodies one awesome They are $32 each Last recommendation and it is.The stratoshpere rides. They have one of those bouncy things at the very top of the tower They have a shooter thing that shoots you out over the side And a spinny thing that puts you out over the side of the tower As well as a not skydiving because you're on a thing but it's not bungy jumping you just kinda jump off while attached to a wire For all of these go to the hotel and see if they have deals because a lot of them often have Two for blank for various attractions There's also plenty of other things to do such as restaurants, and like... going to the grand canyon and finding someone who's over 21 to get you alcohol I'm not saying you should do that because that's super illegal but i can't control you Protection Status