Why Us?

Public Online Retail Stores spend millions of dollars on advertisements. Just look at your Facebook Ads. All types of dresses are popped in front of you everytime you login.  How do they recoup all that money? Its by transferring the cost to you. You are paying 50 to 100 times more than the actual cost of the product. We are sick of all these manipulation and decided to start our own private network, servicing only a small group of clients. We do not advertise and all products are manufactured to order, thus keeping our cost low. 

On the product font, Traditional Online stores sell dresses which may look for clubbing. However, our dresses are specifically designed for clubbing taking in the consideration of everything needed for clients to have a magical clubbing outing. These dresses are highly trending with strong frequency momentum. You could feel the impact wearing this dresses right away. They are designed to blow away minds of the crowd  in the club. The dress will be the center of the attention. The party night will be eventful , filled with amazing memories. Clubbing is never the same without our dresses. 

Above everything else we provide quality after sales support. We provide consultation for all our clients including tips on how to make the most of a night out clubbing. We provide clubbing venues recommendations and specific dresses to wear at a particular club to enhance your night out. 

We also provide consultations to top dance clubs globally on dressing themed parties. 

Rock On !