1. How long would it take for my order to arrive?

The delivery times are indicated in each product tabs

2. What if I receive damaged goods?

    Send us a photo and it will be replaced. Alternatively, you will be refunded. This is part of the 100% money back guarantee insurance

3. What if my item is lost during shipping?

    It will be replaced or you will be refunded. This is part of the 100% money back guarantee insurance. We even pay for the return shipping. We must be crazy to do that as no other company in the world does that. But hey, we value our clients and we stand behind our products. 

4. How can I contact you ?

    Email through the contact number on the main page or email  info@clubbinglove.com. 

5. Do you ship worldwide?

     Yes we do


6. Do you accept returns?

   All our products come with a money back guarantee If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply email us at info@clubbinglove.com 



7. Who are your clients?

     We have clients from all walks of life globally. Demographics include celebrities, models, professionals, students and home makers. Visit our "Customer Reviews" Page

8. Do you sell on any other websites apart from clubbinglove.com?

No we dont. All our products are sold exclusively on ClubbingLove.com. Beware of fake products that will ruin your party night. 

9. Can I see pictures of your customers wearing your clothes?

Sure, its on the main menu under "Customer Pictures" tab






15. Does your product come from China?

      We have factories located in various parts of the words such as USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Different products are manufactured in different locations. Our final packaging and fulfillment warehouse is in China. Products manufactured in all factories globally are then sent to China for packaging and distribution. As there is a wide array of flight networks in China, it is far easier to package and ship from there to the rest of the world.