FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE | Questions ? Call +1 323 284 5016

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE | Questions ? Call +1 323 284 5016


1. I have seen some retail stores or online stores selling Clubbing Wear. How is that different from Clubbing Love`s Apparels?

    We are the only company in the world that manufactures Clubbing Optimized Apparels. The dresses which you see in other retail or online stores are in the same way as normal dresses. It is labelled Club Dresses as its suitable for Clubbing. 

2. How long would it take for my order to arrive?

   All products are manufactured on order. It will take 2 weeks to receive your product upon order completion, 

3. What if I receive damaged goods?

    Send us a photo and it will be replaced. Alternatively, you will be refunded. This is part of the 100% money back guarantee insurance

4.. What if my item is lost during shipping?

    It will be replaced or you will be refunded. This is part of the 100% money back guarantee insurance. We even pay for the return shipping. We must be crazy to do that as no other company in the world does that. But hey, we value our clients and we stand behind our products. 

5. How can I contact you ?

    Email through the contact page or You can also use the Facebook message tab or Instagram DM to contact us. You can also speak to us via live chat or skype

6. Do you ship worldwide?

     Yes we do

7. How is the quality of the dresses?

    The material is carefully selected to ensure the wearer is comfortable on the dance floor. The dresses are optimized for the Club Scene, taking the following into consideration - Club Lighting Conditions, Density, Club Environment, Dance Floor 

8. Do you accept returns?

   All our products come with a money back guarantee If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply email us at within 30 days

9. What if I ordered the wrong size?

  Simply send it back to us and we will deliver a new dress at no extra cost 

10. Apart from having fantastic apparels, how different is Clubbing Love compared to other online stores?

    We have a loyalty program which all our customers are eligible for after the first purchase. Over a period of one year, customers save alot of money when they shop with us compared to other online stores. We are the only online store which offers after service support. We also provide outstanding customer service such as providing free gifts on customers birthday, family membership, friends membership, ladies night bonanza and many more. It pays to shop at 

11. Who are your clients?

     We have clients from all walks of life globally. Demographics include celebrities, models, professionals, students and home makers. Visit our "Customer Reviews" Page

12. Do you sell on any other websites apart from

No we dont. All our products are sold exclusively on Beware of fake products that will ruin your party night. 

13. Can I see pictures of your customers wearing your clothes?

Sure, its on the main menu under "Customer Pictures" tab

14. Where can I find the size chart?

The size chart is in the product page. For example, if you clicked on a dress, the size chart will appear beside the price (on the right). It is highlighted in red. Simply click on the "Size Guide" and the chart will pop up. 

15. What are the advantages of wearing Clubbing Love`s products in a Night Club?

Apart from the benefits that is mentioned in the "About Us" page, there is another huge benefit which is commonly known as Prestige. When you wear Clubbing Love`s apparels or accessories, you bring Class into the club. You will be recognized as someone who embraces life with passion. Walking into a club with a clubbing optimized fashion  that is highly trending across the globe speaks huge volumes. Trust us, the only question that will run through your mind is why didn't you discover us sooner. 

16. I have a party this next weekend and need the dress urgently. Can I pay more for expedited manufacturing and shipping?

Yes, do email us at for the expedited arrangement



17. Does your product come from China?

      We have factories located in various parts of the words such as USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Different products are manufactured in different locations. Our final packaging and fulfillment warehouse is in China. Products manufactured in all factories globally are then sent to China for packaging and distribution. As there is a wide array of flight networks in China, it is far easier to package and ship from there to the rest of the world.