The Concept

The clients of Cluubing Love are Trend Setters and Not Trend Followers. We have a large pool or resources and analytics to determine dresses and clubbing accessories that are trending up. We enable our clients to catch the fashion swing right before it has peaked into a brand new trend allowing them to ride the wave from end to end. 

Clubbing Love Adheres to the Following Checkpoints 

Checkpoint 1 : New Release

At this checkpoint, our team notices that a new design has hit the clubbing scene. However, do take note that a lot of new designs die out and does not carry on to the next Trend Checkpoint

Checkpoint 2 : Ripples

 At this checkpoint, the New Release would have spread to at least 5 countries 

Checkpoint 3 - Trend Up

This is the wave the our subscribers aim to catch. This is the sweet spot for celebrities as the new dress has not graduated to a full blown trend. However it needs to breakthrough the final psychological momentum before it develops into a trend. It is here that one single celebrity can influence the final barrier causing the numbers to bash through the thin resistance , resulting in a trend. So before a celebrity picks up this stage, our subscribers should already be in. What happens here is that you will be in the in a strong fashion wave while the momentum is supporting you from behind , pushing you forward. "You will be in before the elephant is in the water" 

Checkpoint 4 - New Trend

Here, the new dress has fully developed into a new trend. All your friends and friends of friends would jump in at this stage. However, this is just following the bandwagon.
Our aim is to be at Checkpoint 3 - becoming the TRENDSETTERS

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