Custom A Necklace

Custom A Necklace

Custom a Necklace

A Clubbing Love Masterclass Series 

Customize your name on a necklace

What is custom a necklace?

Custom a necklace is a jewelry personalised to a design of your choice. The pendant could be customized with wordings of your choice. Usually the wordings would be a name. It is also known as name necklace. It is a highly trending fashion globally, made popular by Hollywood celebrities who dons them in movies and TV series. Any custom product are favourable over off the counter products as it creates a unique identity. Before the internet, there was simply no choice. If people wanted to buy a jewelry, they would need to head down to a store and purchase an ornament which is made for everyone. You simply cannot customize anything. However its a different world today. Why settle for off the counter products when you can have one designed for yourself and your loved ones? These days you could customize anything. I've seen seen a store where you could customize your own teddy bear. Custom a necklace has experienced a huge surge in demand over the past few years and it will continue for decades to come. By the end of this masterclass, you will become an expert in all things related to custom a necklace

Why is custom gold pendants so popular? A necklace that says your name

A name is an Identity that is so dear to us. It is who we are.  Its our definition, our brand our persona. If we were to wear any jewelry, why would be we any other type that is not associated with us? 

Pros and Cons of wearing A necklace that says your name

What if I'm in the subway and a creepo stalks me? They would instantly know my name. With that information, they could possible pull out the information about me on the internet. 

There are excellent tips written by NY Subway. You could red it here

The pros include:

  • Fashionable
  • Riding with the trend
  • Your identity is your brand
  • Looks stylish
  • Instagram worthy



What type of designs are available?

Many different types of writing styles are available for the customized chain. You can get a cursive writing, old english font, stethoscope name necklace, flutter butterfly heart, royal crown font or even in Arabic. View the designs here. Its entirely your choice as its jewelry personalised for you. The length of the necklace can be customized as well

The necklace and pendant comes in a range of colors, usually in gold, silver, rose gold or even custom diamond name necklace and custom iced out pendant. 

Who is it for? What about mens personalized necklace?

Custom a necklace is available for women, girls, children and men. Yes , kids love it too. In short, its available for everyone as its jewelry personalised for you.It is also a very popular gift for occasions such as :

  • Mothers day
    • Our recent data shows that this is the ultimate #1 present which is gifted to mothers. It makes sense has a strong values attached to it as a gift by itself
  • Valentines day
    • Women love it. Men adores it.Why not?
  • Christmas
    • Ho ho ho. Always. Every year. Definitely
  • Birthdays
    • This is one birthday the receiver would never forget. Her/his name would be on display after this birthday bringing the joy in engaging with the trending fashion. All, thanks to you
  • Anniversaries
    • Wedding anniversaries, date anniversaries 

Custom a Necklace as a gift

Before deciding to custom a necklace as a gift, there are a few items that needs to be checked off. We have designed the following checklist which would serve as guide :

  • Is the recipient shy?
    • A person who is shy is unlikely to feel comfortable displaying her/his name to the world
  • Is the recipient a private person?
    • If she/he is a private person, then a name necklace would not be suitable as a gift 
  • Is the recipient fashionable?
    • Is he/she follows the current trends, then get the name necklace. Its a big yes
  • Does the recipient like jewelry?
    • If the answer is yes, then he/she would absolutely love this. Custom a necklace now !
  • Does the recipient like gold or silver?
    • If its a yes, then he/she would love this jewelry as it comes in gold and silver 
  • Does the recipient like diamonds?
    • If its a yes, then get the diamond name necklace. It looks fab.
  • Does the recipient love hand made products?
    • Make a name necklace by yourself and gift it to them. Follow the tutorial in this masterclass. He/she would be very appreciative. 

Does the wording have to be a name?

No, you could customize the words to anything you want. It does not need to be your own name. For example, we have seen people wearing a name necklace with some strange words such as :

  • Eddies Girl
  • LA Lakers forever
  • Single

What does 18k gold plated mean?

It is a mixture of pure gold with alloy and mixed metals in the ratio of 0.75:0.25. The mixed metals comprises of the following :

  • Copper
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Zinc

In summary, 18k gold is defined as 18 out of 24 parts is pure gold. This ratio is hugely popular mainly due to its color. No other ratio produces that shine required for name necklace. This ratio has been tested extensively by top jewellers.  

How to differentiate between original gold and fake gold?

18k is the ultimate real gold. To verify the authenticity of the gold, place it beside a magnet.  The name necklace should not move towards the magnet. If it does, then its fake. 

Learn more about 18k gold quality here 

Which material is best for name necklace? Gold, silver or rose gold?

18k gold for sure. People usually buy the other 2 as backups or to vary their fashion on a day to day basis.


How to make name necklace ?

Yes, you can actually design it by yourself. That saves you the money. All you need is to invest a little bit of time. We have a step by step tutorial here. Apart from the time, these would be the material required  :- 

- Plastic

- Scissors

- Pen & paper

- Printer

- Necklace chain 

- Nail polish

How to make a name necklace out of wire?

Discover the step by step tutorial here

Is name necklace in sterling silver available?

Yes it is. Check it out here 

Where can I buy a custom name necklace?

Clubbing Love offers custom a necklace service to clients worldwide. You could view the product page here

How much does a custom necklace cost?

Clubbing Love enables you to customize your name on a necklace for as low as USD $39.99

Is there any other custom name products apart from necklace?

Yes, there is name on earrings, customizable anklets, gold name bracelets

You could discover the multiverse of personalised jewelry on

Where can I watch a video of Custom a necklace?