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How To Have An Epic Sleepover - DIY Snacks & Face Mask, Things To Do, & More!

How To Have An Epic Sleepover - DIY Snacks & Face Mask, Things To Do, & More!


Reality for sleepovers ; because let's be real the movies lie to us .

I hope you guys blanket this. 

Okay so the first thing you can do is read magazines and just have a full on girls night whether that's taking care of your nails skin hair, anything girly. This is the time to do it so now if you're planning on stayin up late and wanting to stay up late I'm going to show you a DIY mocha frappuccino drink that has caffeine that tastes delicious and will give you energy. 

So the first thing you do is take two shots of chilled expresso one large cup of ice I actually have to add more so just add as much as you need to two tablespoons of chocolate syrup 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar and 1/3 cup of milk .So my blender decided not to work so I switched it into this one instead which also is like a little mini blender and this one just worked much better and then I switched it into a different cup of choice and then my favorite part is adding whipped cream and thumbs up if you love whipped cream because I know that I love it it's like super dangerous how much I love it and then just get a straw and you are good to go and that is your DIY mocha frappuccino

.So Ava loved it I loved it it taste so good it gave me lots of energy so I definitely recommend you try it out. Oh another thing you can do in your girl's night is do a face mask so I'm going to show you how to do one so first all you do is grab some yogurt and make sure it's like unsweetened and then grab some honey and then place the yogurt into a separate Bowl then take your honey and put a little bit in there as well just mix them up ....and that's it it's super good for your skin it makes it look healthy and very moisturized and it's also just a fun thing to do with your friends leave it on there for 20 minutes and then wash it off and that's it. T

he next thing you do is have a Netflix movie night so we went ahead and picked out Titanic while eating a snack just love each other so much .

Thank you for your there why don't you go I want one aren't you gonna diamond I could make my own situation okay so now I'm going to show you how to make this delicious DIY trail mix that we were eating so first you grab Reese's puffs cereal mini marshmallows graham cracker Teddy Grahams and chocolate chips and it's so easy and it honestly tastes so good we were literally eating this all night and it was addicting to my next idea for you guys to do is build a fort and tell scary stories so we just grabs a lot of pillows and lay them down on the floor and then grab a white sheet and just kind of hung it up from the shelf and draped it over us okay guys we want to tell a scary story

I have one time there was a girl named south and she had no thanks Sally wants six three girls were sixteen who are particularly going into seventh grade in a week we're going for seventh grade away one time Sally didn't turn in her homework assignment it is that once we and Sally a top ripped off them now when sixth grade girls don't do their hmm Sally comes in middle of the night and kills you ah do you hear that there is something you might as you raise with us. Oh good thing I'm wearing a diaper my mom my travel bagg you never know when you're gonna be your fan okay so my next idea is to play datum for Mary and I will explain you guys in just a second how to play it okay guys I have a game gate dumper Mary you pick one person you're in a date one person you're gonna dump and what purse you're gonna marry okay here are the options Zac Efron Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas okay Alicia go hmm okay okay I would dump Nick done' um and a Justin Bieber and and very we can't all have him we don't know he's gonna pick me I mean no no he's not Julian no if I can't have him then hello baby okay guys 

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