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How to Pick up A Guy/ Girl  in a Club - Guaranteed Results

How to Pick up A Guy/ Girl in a Club - Guaranteed Results

How to Pick up A Guy / Girl  in a Club - Guaranteed Results

by Vanessa James

These are time tested strategies that Guarantee Results          

“Is there any tips to hook up with someone in the nightclub?”

That question was not in the FAQ list on our website. Why would it be? We sell apparels for nightclubs and do not offer dating advice. However, after establishing Clubbing Love as an industry expert, this question seems to pour in rather frequently from both genders across the globe.

There seem to be a strong neuro association between nightclubs and quick hook-ups. Naturally, I can relate to that. Not wanting to disappoint my clients, I started off on a quest to find the practical answer. Granted, I was tempted to reply, buy our clothes and you will increase your chances. However, integrity and good relationships with clients is the basic building block of any long term business strategy and I have internalised that belief. Thus, there is only one way forward. Find the appropriate solution and present it honestly.

My typical weekend prior to this objective was to visit top night clubs worldwide to pick up the latest fashion trends. Upon setting this new goal, all I had to do was to open my eyes wider and observe the human chemistry in play. I have also tapped on the experience from many of my friends and relatives, watched countless relationship seminars and reading. Nothing beats focused observation on the behavioural analysis in the nightclub.

After 6 months of analysis, I developed a strategy which anyone would e able to use with a highly probable success rate. Ive ran multiple test across various night clubs worldwide. The analysis is shared with many friends and Ii received encouraging positive feedback after using the technique.

The Conclusion: It is possible to hook up with anyone in a nightclub, without any effort at all. You do not need to buy drinks to impress, no need to invest time in long conversations and most importantly achieve the desired results quickly.  Here are the exact steps. The case below is presented as a male looking to hook up with a female

1.     Go in to the Night Club late. The best window is 2 hours before the club closes. Do not drink any alcohol prior to visiting the club. Also do not order drinks in the club once you get there.. If the club closes at 3am, go in at 1am. Dress well and look fresh.

2.   Stand near the dancefloor. Pick a spot where you would have a great view of everyone who is dancing. Ensure you are seen as well. Don’t do anything. Just observe the dancefloor and sway your body with the music. Smile a lot. Show teeth.

3.   Within the hour, you will most like be approached by a female


The psychology of this move is as follows -

1.     By 1am, the girls would have consumed alot of alcohol. The single girls who have not been chatted up yet will start to worry as there is only 2 hours left before the club closes.

2.   Everyone in the club will look tired by 1am. No one would look as great as you in the eyes of the clubbers

3.   Suddenly, she sees a handsome man, looking so fresh standing by the dancefloor. He will look really different from the rest. A stand out in many ways. That cannot be resisted. She is pressured by time so you have that in your favor.

In summary, this method taps on FOMO (fear of missing out) and the natural law of attraction. Protection Status