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Women's Fashion Tips : How to Wear a Short Skirt

Women's Fashion Tips : How to Wear a Short Skirt

The first thing to remember with a short skirt is that is it always essential to dress your age. Make a visual assessment of  your thighs. Decide the limit at where a skirt can really hit you and look good. And, and just be honest with yourself. The second tip, when you get that skirt is to know the limits of the skirt.

Give it a good test of bending over, different ways you can move when you're sitting. Do you need to cross your legs? Can people see up the skirt? Just know the limitations of your skirt. If you have a bigger rear end you need to know that it's going to hike up in the back on you. So if it's appearing at a good length in the front it's going to be about an inch or two higher in the back. So just take a good 360 in the mirror.

Look around and just know the limitations of what you're wearing. Also know your body type. If you have thick hips or thick thighs a skirt with ruffles around the edge or a loud pattern is only going to serve to make that area of your body look a lot thicker. On the contrary if you're a tall thin woman or just a woman whose busts, waist and hips tend to all be the same size getting a patterned or a frilly kind of skirt can actually help break up the parts of your body with maybe a solid top and then a brightly colored skirt. 

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