Lowest Price Guarantee

We Guarantee that Our Prices are the Lowest Online. If you find a cheaper elsewhere within the next one month, we will beat it by $1

Terms and Conditions

  1. Applies to any cheaper price found on an online store excluding warehouse or manufacturers
  2. The item must be an exact match and the product must be new and factory sealed.
  3. It must also be subject to a manufacturer’s warranty applicable in USA.
  4. For online competitor prices, the item must be available for immediate shipment.
  5. Competitor’s prices must be in American dollars and will be adjusted for any fees, taxes or other charges such as shipping.
  6. If the identical product can be purchased and delivered via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by $1.
  7. Does not apply to advertising errors or misprints, cash backs & discounts offered by a supplier or another third party, bonus offers, limited or minimum quantity offers, clearance, and finance offers, and items sold on marketplace websites such as eBay.
  8. Must have proof that the item is not an imitation
  9. The terms and conditions of our "Best Price Guarantee" are subject to change without notice.